The Five Simple Steps for Sitecore Development

May 05, 2020
Sitecore is here to support you with a free webinar to refresh your skills. This webinar is an on-demand, 90-minute video designed for Sitecore developers to get a refresher on topics taught in the Sitecore Developer Fundamentals classes. Check out more ways to skill up with Sitecore’s leading-edge and customized learning paths from Learning@Sitecore.

Join us in this on-demand webinar to learn:

1. The five simple steps of Sitecore development
2. The three golden rules for a Sitecore Developer
3. How to develop for the Experience Editor

Video Guide with time stamps

Terminology: 1:51

Templates: 3:16

Content Items/Standard Values: 4:29

Tokens: 6:32

Template Inheritance: 8:02

Template Standard Values: 11:09

Added Details: 11:48

Refactor Templates: 13:41

Sitecore Rocks Templates: 18:44

Insert Options: 24:22

Sitecore Rocks Items: 28:20

Sitecore Rocks Publishing: 32:23

Layout: 34:25

Field Helpers: 43:11

Components: 51:26

Presentation Details: 1:12:19

Placeholder Settings: 1:14:49

Allowed Controls: 1:20:43

Datasource: 1:22:53

Compatible Renderings: 1:28:57

Placeholders: 1:31:41